8 July 2016

Wow, nobody ended up in the lake.

Announcement time! The comic will update on a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule the remainder of this month because I'm going on vacation, byyyye! That's right, I'm not going to draw a single thing for over two weeks! I've managed to work together, and somehow hold on to, a buffer of 7 glorious pages which I will cash in now.

Anyway, I'm going to Iceland! Again. Some of you might remember that I went there with my mom several years ago, the summer before I started drawing SSSS to be exact (it was a bit of a pre-comic research trip). We knew we had to go back some day, and have been saving up and planning for this trip ever since! Last time we learned how to uses the local buses in Reykjavik (great life skill) and took a couple tourist bus tours to briefly see some cool places outside the city (waterfalls and such).

This time we're bold enough to leave the tour buses behind and will instead rent our own car and go hiking! And we're grabbing my mom's sister/ my aunt to come with us this time. And I'm so... nervous. Mostly about missing a flight somewhere though, that is a terrifying thought. I'm so terrified right now it's unreal. I might throw up at some point.

So uuuuh, nervousness! But Monday's page will still be a Finnish morning update before the plane leaves, the rest will be Icelandic morning updates meaning whatever time that might be. Time zones, I have no idea!



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