4 Feb. 2014

No main characters yet! Most of them don't live anywhere near Iceland so naturally they can't be running around Reykjavik. They also won't be meeting up by total chance or for no particular reason, there's a driving force behind all that. And that driving force is these four people! Meet the supporting cast, everyone! You'll get to know them better later on, but at least these aren't going to be dead from old age/various reasons all of a sudden like everyone else so far, eheh.

And yes, electricity! Naturally, since Iceland has all its unlimited geothermal energy and stuff. I won't write this blog post full of exposition about the technology level in this new world, that'll become evident in due time. But yeah, rich farmers can afford awesome old-wordly electricity-fueled tractors, normal people just use horsies. Adorable horsieees! (I'm really scared of horses in real life, they're too skittish and unpredictable.)


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