16 November 2016

Welcome back everyone, to what is going to be an interesting and intense chapter! I think I'll be updating around this time of the day (about 1 in the morning Finnish time) for the rest of the winter, so the updates will be a bit earlier than in the summertime. I'm normally a night owl, but since the day cycle is like 80% night already (and getting darker still for a good while) I'm feeling keen on being awake for the few light hours that are left. No going to bed at 6 in the morning until springtime for me!

So,it was a very lovely break, I properly scripted out the whole chapter like planned, and... finished exactly 0 buffer pages, heh. But I wasn't just rolling about! I became completely absorbed by a SSSS-related side project, and ended up spending most of the break researching and preparing things for that instead!. Things like that is what breaks are for after all, aren't they.

I'll probably end up making an announcement of sorts about the budding sideproject next week. I was musing a little bit about it on twitter during the break, so some of you might have a small clue about what it is already. ;3

But for now let's just focus on new pages, hooray! See you tomorrow!



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