27 Feb. 2014

Time for the customary inter-chapter break. Only one week, because I feel like if I give myself a longer break I'm just going to sleep for a whole week after this shipping nightmare (which is still not over, of course), while a close deadline for resumed updates will force me to keep working right away once I get home next week. M-my poor page buffer is down to single digits (7 pages!) for the first time ever! I even started aRTD with about 20 page as my buffer and it's never gone below that before. Lesson learned: fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns will consume everything in your life and it is horrible. There's apparently a good reason why many people take a month or two off from updates to work on that stuff. :I

Since a whole bunch of people keep asking this every day: there will be leftover aRTD books and you'll be able to buy them later. I'll try to open a preorder period for them sometime next month.

See you next week! You'll finally be introduced to the first couple of main characters really soon. Aaaand I'll be off to prepare another two hundred and something books to be mailed today.



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