8 May 2017

Yes, doggy, you've been very helpful and informative, you deserve a treat.

Hum, so I glanced at the comments on last page and seems like there's been a bit of kerfuffling and confusion about wether or not "mature" jokes in the comments are okay or not. Clarification on the site policy: yes, if a joke could be on one of your modern sitcoms on tv it's probably just fine, especially when it's in the form of innuendo (on the other hand a comment that's basically just a smut-fic or random explicit lewdness belongs elsewhere on the web, guys!). As for swear words, they're okay as long as it's not directed as insults against others.

I think the confusion comes from the times of A Redtail's Dream where the comment section policy was strictly "all ages", because that was what the comic was and the comment section had to reflect that. But SSSS in obviously not a comic that's made to necessarily suit all ages, the assumption is that anyone here is (or probably should be) at least in their teens and up. So you know, if you see a joke that makes you roll your eyes and don't find it funny at all, it's okay to just be mellow and move on. The readership of SSSS varies greatly in the demographics of people who read it, so there's probably some other readers who did find it funny, and that's okay too.

Anyway, hopefully that clears it up a bit, and see you tomorrow!



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