11 March. 2014

Awww, names! So Tuuri here is one of our dear main crew members, and Mr. mage Onni is another major permanent secondary character. Some of you probably remember the little sneak peek image of him from last month, here's the full image as I promised back then:

It'll look pretty cool once it's printed in book form methinks!

Of course he can't join the main crew, he'd just be magic-blasting all the scary things into oblivion and where would the excitement be then, huh? Okay, that's a complete lie, the real reason is that he is ridiculously terrified of everything, and if he were forced to tag along he'd spend most of the time crying and being useless. True story. You'll see.

Fun name factoid: both Onni and Tuuri mean "luck" in Finnish, "onni" being the native Finnish word (also means "joy") and "tuuri" being a loan from the Swedish word for luck; "tur". Yup, I still love giving siblings names with a matching somethings, I'll never stop doing that.

Heh, did you recognize Taru without her hair and face being all fancied up for her important meeting in Iceland? I'm currently working on the character page profiles for these first few characters (including the secondary ones) so that you don't have to worry about forgetting names/faces anymore. Oh, and last thought before I go back to work: I'm always very happy (and relieved) to hear whenever someone gets their aRTD book delivered, so just know that I appreciate those tweets/comments/emails even though I'm not answering most of them. Thanks everyone!:3



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