22 May 2017

Feels like it's been a while since we've had a scene focused on Emil and Lalli, it's high time for one. Buuuuut...

... the comic will be on a -ONE WEEK BREAK- STARTING NOW! The reason? Well, I need to draw a whole bunch of pages to put aside. There's a scene coming up later this chapter that I've been pondering back and forth how to present, and have come to the conclusion that posting the pages for it all in one fell swoop is the way to go (posting page-by-page would make the scene read really poorly.)

So don't despair, you'll get the amount of pages skipped this week (and then some) posted in one big chunk some time from now. All in all it's 9 pages that need to be to drawn for that update, and my optimistic goal is to finish 6 of them during this break (already got sketches done for that amount). And then slowly knock off the remaining three during any free time over the next few weeks.

Now you know. I would have announced this break in advance, but I only just made the decision to take this route over the weekend, and the comic happened to be at an optimal point for the break. So see you all next Tuesday when we'll continue on as normal. Hopefully I'll have a whole bunch of finished future pages tucked away at that point. Ta-ta! :3



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