29 June 2017

Note: in case you arrived to this update some other way than the comic tracking venues(twitter, fb, rss), or the front page link didn't get refreshed, here's a link to the beginning of the update.


There you have it. It'll probably sting heavily for many out there, and it's okay if you need to be angry for a bit too, but it was just going to happen. If it's any consolation, I'm sure we'll see Tuuri again one day in the future, one way or another.

I know there were some assuring comments posted stating that I had said no major character would die in this comic (which was probably a misremembering of some other comment of mine from years back) but I couldn't jump in and correct that with "actually I've never said that", since it'd basically confirm that someone was going to die.

Now and then during long path here I'd have sudden second thoughts about taking the story in this direction, and tried to think if there was any way I could re-write the story without this happening. But no, there was no way. So much of the upcoming storylines would have to be thrown out completely if I chickened out and kept everyone alive and happy after all.

So yeah, it was going to happen from the very beginning. Feels weird, this turning point in the comic was always seemingly coming up "years from now", and suddenly it's years later and here we are.

Well. Monday will still have an info page posted, after that the chapter break will start. I'll post the break schedule and such then, so yeah... see you Monday.



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