8 September 2017

At least Emil and Lalli don't seem to have drowned in the sea, so that's good.

Good news everybody, the break will end on Tuesday already instead of Thursday. After sketching out the script for the next chapter it turned out it's significantly shorter than I had thought (I anticipated it to be ~70 pages, but it's way less than that.) So the usual full 2 week break isn't necessary, I've already rested up quite nicely and the weekend's enough to draw a couple buffer pages before we continue on again.

Also, as promised, here's a link to the first prototype of the SSSS game side project (titled City of Hunger) for those of you who haven't been following the blog for that: -> link here! It's super short and quite incomplete in many ways, but you guys can test it if you want to see where I'm going with it. (And help me find all the early bugs. ;3)

Nothing else this time, see you on Tuesday!



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