17 November 2017

And here we are, back again to regular updates! And next week the Kickstarter for book 2 is going to launch! The 20th is still the confirmed launch date unless there's a delay with Kickstarter's approval for some reason, but either way it's next week! Of course my "Monday" updates are technically posted on Sunday already, so it won't be live for the next page, but the one after that most likely.

And on a COMPLETELY different subject: a few of you who recently read A Redtail's Dream let me know that the old store for the aRTD minicomics wasn't working anymore (it's been so many years that my credit card for it had expired). So I've scoured my old backups, found the original files at last, and added them as one bundle available on my Gumroad account instead. Here's the link, for those of you who were looking to get them: liiiink.

I'll have to fix the store page over at the aRTD hub sometime later, I've misplaced my credentials to the server so I'll have to look for those. I know they're around here somewhere, I swear I used them for something just a couple months ago... >_<



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