14 December 2017

So I've got a handful of worried questions about why my notes and interactions have been so short for the last few updates, and I want to tell you all not to be concerned! I'm simply in the mode of working overdrive ahead of the holidays, both trying to keep a couple pages of buffer going while also drawing the extra 4 pages of bonus comic for book 2. It's going well and on schedule, I'm capable of putting on on spurts of 14-hour work days for a week or two when needed without getting a burnout (in fact I'm feeling good about the extra productivity, and thus sleeping well). But it does severely mess up my sense of what day it is, and when I'm supposed to update, so... I'm usually remembering to post pages once I'm brushing my teeth and my brain is already ready to go to sleep, thus very tiny or missing update notes.

So nothing to worry about. Just keeping very busy, a I'm sure most of you guys are too this time of the year. See you tomorrow! :3



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