21 December 2017

Time for a little Christmas break! I'll be over at my parents for about a week, but I've got my two buffer pages finished and in the bag so it won't be a full one week break. I'll post the next page on Tuesday next week, and then the one after that on Friday. I said earlied I wouldn't be posting anything until Thursday, but enough people asked if one of the pages could be moved closer to the actual holidays, so why not!

Well then, see you on Tuseday for the next page. Hope you all have a great holiday, or relaxing weekend, or wonderful amounts of overpay if you're working during it. I myself will spend all of tomorrow cleaning my home properly, and then I'll pack my cat and laptop and be on my way! (I might not have the equipment to draw pages while I'm away, but I should be able to code away a bit on the little game sideproject.)



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