29 December 2017

And we're back! It was really nice visiting my family for a week, but it's really nice being back home too. And Kitty agrees,she doesn't have to sneak around the dogs anymore and has been full of energy since we arrived. My parents' dogs are really precious though, kind and calm rough collies, it was lovely seeing them too. And my brother (who's an electrician) showed me how to change out a broken component inside a bathroom lamp socket, which means now I even have a working light fixture in my bathroom after... well, months of just shrugging at it x3. So in conclusion, things were nice, but I'm happy to be back home and at work.

Oh, but weather in southern Finland was dreadful! Almost no snow at all, ice on all roads, grey and gross dirtiness everywhere! While up here it's creeping closer and closer to half a meter of bright clean snow, doesn't look at all depressing and dreary. ^_^

And the Kickstarter ends in 32 hours from me writing this, at the end of the 29th US time! It's insane how well it's gone! But again, no need to worry if you want a book or other merch but can't join in now, they'll be available in the store once they're been produced. With how much over the goals we've gone we can put in money to print enough copies of both books to last a good long while without running out and needing to reprint either one of them.



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