3 April. 2014

Behave, or shusher cat will shush you!

Some of you wanted a bit of a notice beforehand when I'm about to open the preorder for the leftover aRTD books, so here's that notice: I think I'm going to open it sometime next week. I'll first have to do a bit of dealing around with trying to get some kind of count on how many backer books might have gotten lost or damaged during shipping that I need to replace. I'll post an update about that on Indiegogo on...Monday, I think. (So if your book is missing/damaged, please wait for that update post for instructions, don't email me yet.)

And speaking of emails, I also want to quickly note that I haven't had the energy to open the mess that is my inbox in a few days, so anyone who's emailed me since the end of last week and is still waiting for an answer: no worries, I'll work up the nerve to dive into the emails eventually. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow's update will be a map page showing the water route down to the sea. :3



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