16 April 2018

Spring has arrived guys! I know I said that a few weeks ago, but it was a false alarm, winter came back. But now spring is really here! It's been so warm and sunny the whole weekend I've been able to finally switch to a light spring jacket, there's so much sunshine that I feel like a gremlin coming out of a hole every time I go outside, and my cat is shedding all of her winter coat all over the place and wants to go outside all the time. And the snow, it's melting away with a vengeance. Last week it was still almost hip-deep, but just over the last few days it's shrunk to less than knee deep. Gonna be bare ground everywhere that isn't in the shadows by the weekend if this keeps up, such joy!

I've been in a pretty good mood because of all this. I'm not afflicted by horrendous darkness depression during the winters, but there's definitely a layer of drabness and gloominess that has lifted with the weather getting so nice all of a sudden. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a nice and pretty double page spread, so look forward to that!



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