14 May 2018

Hi everyone, I'm back! There wasn't a need for an additional mini break after all, we flew to Norway very very early on Friday Morning for the funeral, and were back in Finland Saturday evening.

So... turned out my grandfather died by climbing 6 meters up a tree to prune it, and getting knocked off the ladder by an enormous falling tree branch. You know, the typical way 85-year-olds tend to go.

But the funeral went well, and the day overall left a positive memory afterwards. The weather was absolutely fantastic, so we spent most of the afternoon hanging out on the porch of grandpa's old house catching up with all the relatives (both Finnish and Norwegian, there was a whooole lot of language juggling involved the whole day.) And I even have an adorable tiny little Norwegian cousin that's named after me, so cute and precious!

Anyway, letting you all know I'm back and not in a sad mood, but thank you all so much for the condolences earlier. The updates will now continue on as normal.



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