21 June 2018

Okay then, that is it for this chapter, time for the usual little break. This is why I was so adamant on not having a break in updates while I was on my hiking trip, it would have been really sloppy to have missing page uploads so close to this intermission.

The next chapter will be the longest one we've had in quite a while, and I'm going to make it great. Because not only will it be long, it's also the... final...chapter... of this adventure. That's right. I've mentioned it on twitter before I think, but now you all know. BUT NO PANIC! The key word is "this adventure, there will be a second grand SSSS adventure coming. I'm already busy plotting it out in my head, and it'll be fantastic. So let's just enjoy what's to come these next few months, and then we can all become excited about what's after that.

Anyway, I'll post the chapter cover next week on Monday already because I just finished it. Then I'll decide what date exactly the break is over. It'll probably be less than 2 weeks as usual.

And happy Juhannus/Midsummer to everyone in advance! I heard there was a risk of a bonfire(kokko) ban in most of the country since it's been so dry, but now it looks like it's going to rain the rest of the week, so... fingers crossed for everyone's bonfires! (I already got my sausage grilling fix filled during my trip, so I'm good either way. I'm just going to stay inside and work. :P)



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