16 April. 2014

Yay for extra updates! This page is really the two bottom half pages below yesterday's wide panel-page, and for the book version these two pages together will look like this:

Whoo, book version!

I'll be travelling back to Finland today so that I can start shipping out those aRTD books over the next week. I'm hoping to be updating normally until I get back, but if needed I might cash in a update break day or two from some of the double-page updates I've posted. Hopefully it won't be needed, I don't like update breaks.

And darnit, this trip I will finally bet this Pokemon Y game that I bough before christmas. The only times when I allow myself to play it is when I'm stuck on a train or airplane and I can't work anyway, so my progress has been slooow. But I made it to the elite four last time I took this trip, I'm sure I'll be able to beat them this time.

See you all tomorrow if my travels go well and I don't accidentally forget all my files here in Sweden! *Scurries away to pack*



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