24 August 2018

Tune in next week to find out what the rest of this escape plan is!

So I've gotten around to adding all the drawing I've done in the livestreams these last couple months to the art/misc section here on the webpage, felt great to finally have something new to add there. I looked at the last one, at it was from 2016! Did I seriously not draw a single ssss illustration during all of 2017? I guess not. But finally there's new things, here's a snapshot of what we've got in the bag so far:

New art!

The main reason I started livestreaming was to try and force some sort of motivation to draw non-comic page art for at least a few hours a week, and I think I can now safely say it has worked out! I'm looking forward for each Saturday session, and actually have something new finished every other week or so. It's really nice. I'm starting a new piece on Saturday over here at the usual place (beginning 21.00 eastern european time on Saturday), join in if you happen to be around during those hours!



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