21 April. 2014

No name for this pretty fella' yet, nope. And everything is still closed and at a total standstill over here due to the Easter holidays (end already, gahhh!) so I haven't been able to start mailing out any aRTD books yet. But soon, and the preorder will still be open this week. Also on that same subject:

The "A Redtail's Dream" e-book is now for sale too!

Via that link! It's the newly launched e-book store for the Hiveworks comics, and the aRTD e-book will be available through there, as will the SSSS e-books once their time comes. The e-book costs the same as during the print drive (15 bucks) which is steep for an e-book, but very reasonable considering that with over 600 pages it's about 3-4 as much content as your typical 5$ e-book comic. It's also a good, cheap alternative for those who want to get their hands on the extras in the book but can't afford the 90$ for a physical copy. this is the extra content that I can remember:

-My ramblings in form of forewords and afterwords
-A few illustrations of mine that aren't in the aRTd gallery online, + some that are, but they're extra cool in printed form.
-An illustrated guide to the aspects of Finnish mythology that were relevant to the comic.
-Sketches, comic thumbnails, miscellaneous behind-the-scenes stuff like that
-The fanart contest winner illustrations
-A new chapter 1 cover with squirrel-Ville (the old one with dog-Ville is now in the back of the book.)
-A few miscellaneous things. :3

And of course I have to mention that buying the digital book is an awesome way to support me being able to keep doing webcomics full time even past this year. So I'm very thankful for everyone who buys anything, physical or digital.


That's today's sales talk. Come back for tomorrow's update everyone, aaand I'll be off to do some book-packing.



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