7 September 2018

There we go, they were not eaten!

Livestream time again on Saturday, at 21.00 Finnish time over at my twitch channel as usual. I've promised I'll draw something where Reynir has his hair loose and not in a braid, so that's what I'll be doing!

Oh, and also, tomorrow/later today (meaning Friday evening) I'll do a shorter stream where I ink one page of the comic! I want to eventually get into streaming drawing bits of the comic regularly too so people can see what my process is, and I'm testing it out tomorrow just to see how well I'm able to concentrate. The page I'll be inking is next Tuesday's page, (Monday's page will be hidden) so obviously if you want no spoilers skip it and join in on Saturday instead. It's not too spoilery since this scene is wrapping up and speech bubbles will be empty, but still. So if you want to see that, check in tomorrow, also at 21.00 Finnish time. See you soon, either way! :3



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