14 September 2018

another week wrapped up, and we're ending on a positive semi-cliffhanger this time.

I finally made an Instagram account since people started asking if I had one for the illustrations I've been doing on stream lately, so here you go. I'll start posting the drawing I finish over there and that's all I'll be using for I think, so if you're an instagram-haver and want to have a steady stream of SSSS art give that account a follow. Meanwhile I'll try to figure out how the app works, I felt so old trying to figure out how to post anything on there, hah. x3 (Also, I added the stuff we've finished in the last couple weeks to the misc/gallery section of the site.)

And speaking of the livestream, this weekend's schedule: tomorrow I'll do another comic inking session, the same kind as last week, and then on Saturday the regular illustration stream! So if you want absolutely zero spoilers for one of next week's pages skip tomorrow and join in on Saturday instead. And as usual the streams start at 21.00 Finnish time over here on my twitch channel. See you then!



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