18 September 2018

Pickup-boat is here. It looks fancy but it's just going to be a cargo shipment boat, they won't get to travel on a destroyer battleship or anything like that.

Btw, a quick note since the higher tier Kickstarter packages are starting to arrive and will keep trickling into people's mailboxes in the next few weeks, to those who are getting charms: if one side of your charms appears to be non-see-through, don't worry it's not some sort of printing mistake, it's just a protective plastic sheet still on there! You'll have to scratch at the edges with your nails a bit but once you get a corner loose it'll come right off and you'll be greeted by pristine clear acrylic. Some charms have it on there, some don't (the set I got myself had half the charms with the plastic.)

Putting this note here in advance because at first glance it looks like a crazy printing error, which is what I thought before I looked closer at mine.



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