21 September 2018

I don't think Sigrun's ever had to endure a proper quarantine before...

Weekend livestream schedule: Tomorrow is Friday comic drawing day, and what I'll do this time is I'll be finishing up the colors of Monday's page (yes, I have finally run out of buffer pages, insert sad face here). So not much of a spoiler occasion, you just get to see it before Monday if you peek in. I won't show any dialogue though, as usual. And then on Saturday it's the regular illustration stream, so join that one instead if you don't want to see the comic itself being drawn! Both streams start at 21.00 Finnish time over here on my twitch channel.

Also to reiterate since so many are still worried: this story arc is coming to an end, but there will be a second adventure, with the same characters! There will just be an extra long "chapter" break between the stories and we'll roll right along with a new story arc.



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