11 June 2019

And that's the end of the chapter! Two week chapter break starts now! Right on time, I've exhausted my buffer and just finished drawing this one in order to post it, whew! I'll post the chapter cover page on Monday next week and determine the exact date of the start of next chapter then, I need to get my bearings in order and make a list of work I need to get done during the break. Lots of little things. But see you on Monday! (Also this weekend's art ivestreams will be on as normal on Twitch.)

Also I'm one step closer to that gosh darn driver's license! Had another lesson today, got to try out highway driving (and merging into a highway, eeep!) for the first time in my life. Just a liiiittle bit scary, but went well enough. I have a couple lessons left until the driver's test which is set for three weeks from now, definitely won't be stressing out about wether or not I fail for the rest of the month, nope.

Anyway, I'm excited for the next chapter, and this little breather! :3


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