30th August 2019

And that's the last of this chapter! There's two info pages coming up before the break though, I'll post them on Tuesday and Thursday next week!

So it's an early update today again, and I'm skipping tomorrow's comic drawing stream (Saturday will be normal) because... I finally passed my driving test today! Phuhhhhh, third time the charm. I'm so happy and relived, driving school had been so stressful these last many many months (each lessons meant a 6-7 hour trip to the city, and I even had to stay the night at a hotel a couple times because the last bus to my home town leaves so early in the day.)

I'm going to bed early and taking tomorrow off so I can go and enjoy my first solo drive! in my own car! Gonna do it early-ish tomorrow when the traffic is calm, and I'm really exited for it. It's been constant motorways, lane-changing on triple lane roads and dodging cyclics in the city center during freaking rush hour for the last few driving sessions (including the test today, which was an hour long and I had to go onto the motorway twice, so stressful! ;_;)

Finally I will be able to just calmly drive somewhere without a bazillion cars around constantly, and no on- or off-ramps. Gonna go to the next town over to the grocery store, and for the first time ever just buy whatever I need without having to worry about how much I'm able to carry home from the bus. Maybe I'll even buy something nice for myself from the general home goods store to celebrate. :3

So see you next week, or Saturday for the stream!


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