1st November 2019

Yay new chapter cover. But oh no, chapter break. But yay: it's going to be way shorter than the usual ~2 weeks, we'll continue Friday next week already! So only three pages worth of a break. The reason for the shorter breather is that I'm simply ahead on work this time: the script for the next chapter is almost finished and I still have 2 pages of buffer left (usually I'm out of buffer pages mid-chapter), and I'm not feeling overwoked. So yeah, I just need a few days to take care of a bunch of life-stuff (autumn cleanig and other mundane tasks) and we'll be rolling right on!


And as always at the end of chapters, remember to sign up for the my email newsletter to keep in touch with the comic!

I send it out every time a new chapter starts, so you won't need to worry about forgetting to come back on the correct day. It's extra great if you're not one to follow things on social media, and prefer the old fashined email way. I'll also use it to announce once the next SSSS books come out (book 3 should be sometime next year.)


Oh, also, I saw someone mentin today would be the 6th anniversary of the comic? Well... celebrations all around! I never remember the anniversary of the comic myself, heh.

Anyway, see you all on Friday! Or on Saturday for the usual art stream on my Twitch channel (no Friday comic stream again)


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