23 November 2018

Ooof, I had a real lousy first half of the day, had to re-draw parts of the spread that this page is on multiple times because of back to back program AND computer freezes. I got so mad I took an almost 2 hour walk to cool off before continuing. Also I stopped by the post office to pick up the lava lamp I ordered last week and put that together before getting back to drawing. I got the lava lamp really to hopefully amuse my cat a little now that dreadfully cold and boring winter is upon us, but it turned out to cheer me up instead. It's really pretty and calming (I've never had one before), and I was able to finish this page with honor, even if it's a few hours late.

Anyway, livestreams this week as normal, both Friday and Saturday evening (starting 21.00 Finnish time). Comic drawing tomorrow, I might actually finish the colors of Monday's page instead of doing inking, and then illustration on Saturday. See you all then!


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