9 April 2020

That's the next chapter cover! And that means...much needed... chapter break! 1,5 weeks during which I sketch out the final script for the next chapter, draw a handful of buffer pages and ten rest my hands for a couple days. That means updates will resume: Tuesday 21st of April!So see you in a little over a week!

And as always, make sure you sign up for my comic reminder newsletter (The Flooffy Hummingluff newsletter) so that you get an email from me when the break ends! That way you won't forget and don't have to try remembering which date to come back, even though it's soon.

As for weekend drawing Livestreams, they will be on as normal on my Twitch channel both this weekend and next, except for one day: this Friday is being skipped. So I'll see you on Saturday at 21.00 Eastern european time!


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