22 June 2020

And that's the end o the chapter, time for chapter break. This time I'll actually use the full 2 weeks beause there's some work need to do, might even need 2 and a half depending on things. But I will post the chapter cover in a little over a week, next Friday! So I'll see you all then. In the meantime both this Friday's comic drawing livestream and Saturday general art stream will be on as normal on my Twitch channel .

And I also made a new art video! -Link here-

And finally, as always: I have a mailing list/ newsletter that I send out every time a new chapter starts. It's great if you want to get a notification from me when the break ends and don't need to worry about forgetting when to check back in.

Well, that's all! I'll see you on the weekend livestreams and next week's Friday for the chapter cover!


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