10 January 2019

People on the stream were hoping that drink would turn out to be coffee, but nope, it's just milk. Delicious, delicious sheep milk, mmm.

I believe I forgot to do any sort of customary reflection on the year that was as we changed over to the new year. Well here it is: last year was great for SSSS! The second book got successfully Kickstarted, produced and shipped out to people, and the first book got reprinted and restocked in the store after selling out. The first SSSS book was also translated and published in French by a French publisher, Akileos (they're gonna do book 2 this year). Lots of new people have found the comic through different avenues. The merch store was fleshed out with the Kitty plush, the t-shirt and other stuff with the help of Hiveworks. Feeling pretty legit over here!

And of course since I started art streaming on Twitch this summer I've managed to turn about 5-6 hours every Saturday into new SSSS-related illustrations, after several years of not finding the motivation for them. Heck, after just 6 or so months the 2018 art section has almost as much content as the 2012-2018 section combined! Kinda tells just how little art I was making outside the comic pages the last half a decade. It was making me a bit sad, since I love painting proper illustrations.

Oh, and almost forgot, adventure 1 ended and adventure 2 started! That was a fairly big milestone to hit.

2018 was a little bit hectic on the work side especially with the physical books, so I don't mind too much if 2019 turns out a bit quieter, but honestly either way is good. I'm looking forward to another year of sharing this story and everything else with you, and thank you all for being here on the journey!


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