21 October 2021

UPDATE 26th, END OF YEAR SALE!: for those who were looking to get any SSSS books (or other stuff) this year Hiveworks is currently running an early holiday sale with 20% off everything (link). They have all 3 SSSS volumes in stock. (I believe the sale ends the 5th on November, so right when the chapter break ends.)


And that's the end of this chapter. I'll post the next chapter cover on Friday next week, and it'll be 1.5 -2 weeks of break in total as usual. Saturday's drawing stream will be on as normal(starts 20.00 Finnish time on my Twitch channel ) and we'll ink half of the chapter cover I think.

Also, I checked in with Hiveworks and they are still on schedule to have the SSSS book 4 Kickstarter in January, nothing has been delayed or derailed so far. (Book 4 is the last volume of adventure 1 and will complete that set.)

Btw, if you've been worried about why I haven't written a lot in the author comments for a while: no need to worry, I'm just tired after a long day of work by the time I'm posting the pages and can't think of anything to write. I used to be semi-nocturnal, post the page at 1am and continue working until 4 or 5 am, but I've started to go to bed at 23.00 and waking up before 8, so I'm now posting right before sleep.

And as you can surely tell we're fast reaching the conclusion and final acts of this adventure. I've been working hard on making the end of SSSS decent, so sadly I haven't had time to prepare for my next comic yet (other than inside my head). I had hoped to have some sort of presentation for the future project to show everyone before the end of this year (so that people can know if it's something they'll want to keep following me for or not, since it's going to be something Christian). But seems like that'll have to wait until we're closer to the end, and I have some non-SSSS time to work with.

That's the update on things! Lots and lots of work, I'll see you next week on Friday fr the cover, or on Saturday's drawing livestream.


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