6 January 2022

Alright, as you can probably see I've added a little news banner above the blog section. I was thinking of leaving the "farewell" news until after the book 4 Kickstarter and the epilogue are all finished, but I've been informed that the KS might have to be pushed back a bit from the planned 15th January (no serious reason, the person at Hiveworks who is in charge of it has fallen ill and needs to recover properly before launch). So instead of trying to juggle dates I'll just make this the "final news" post already.

1) For the rest of January there will be only 2 pages per week (Monday and Friday). Simply because of the possible Kickstarter delay, since I would prefer to not run out of pages before it launches, so some rationing is needed.

2) I've also promised Hiveworks to produce an extended epilogue at 1 page/week for some period after January. So it won't be a cold turkey ending. Hopefully that'll make it easier for those of you who get a lot of comfort out of SSSS to move on to something else. The extended epilogue will just be fun fluffy stuff, like seeing what the gang ends up doing over winter etc.

3) Adventure 2 of SSSS will end on an open ending, just like adventure 1 did. I always wrote SSSS to be without a definite goal or end, as something I could feasibly quit at certain intervals if I go bored, or just keep doing indefinitely (hence leaving open plot points and such). I don't have any knowledge what adventure 3 would have been other than it being set in either Norway, Sweden or both. This year would have been the time to plan out the next plot points, but after my conversion (a little over a year ago now) I knew I would move on from SSSS, so I haven't planned anything more story-wise.

Feel free to imagine whatever future adventures you want for the gang, and resolutions to open plot threads, those of you who enjoy doing such things.

4) For those of you who wanted to come with me on my Christian artist journey: my new comics hub will be my personal projects website -over here- . I have some info about my current comic ideas/plans linked over there, and it's where I'll post the future comics to be read when they're ready. I'll probably set up some new social media pages eventually.

5) For those of you who were crossing fingers that those future projects would be something Narnia- or LoTR-esque, where you can't really tell it's a Christian story without being told: bad news, it won't be like that. I'm not saying I'll never do something like that (I might have 40 years of comic-making still ahead of me after all!) but it's not what I'm passionate about right now. I love theology, and it's what i want to explore more through my works, and not in a buried way.

6) I'll keep doing the weekly drawing livestreams on twitch, so if you enjoy hanging out in those don't worry, they'll continue.

7) Personally I'm still doing well, even though ending this comic that has been my life purpose for almost 10 years, and making such a career-switch is a bit stressful. As I mentioned a couple months ago I finally grew the courage to get baptized and become a member of a Christian congregation (one that turned out be be just right for me), so I have great emotional support through all this. (Also I'm trying to learn to be more social and not a jerk in real life, heh)

8)Well, can't think of anything else right now. If something more comes up news-wise I'll write it in the future blog posts. Enjoy the rest of the epilogue.


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