14 February 2022

From adventurers to snow-shoveling business.

BTW I've gotten word from Hiveworks that their work on the SSSS book 4 Kickstarter has resumed and is almost finished, and to let you know that it'll be ready to launch "soon". I'll let you guys know when a date has been set in stone, but this month is the current goal.

They also wanted me to relay their recommendation that those who are looking to get all 4 books might want to consider buying the first 3 from the Hivemill store beforehand (or during the Kickstarter), since there could be a need to reprint some of the earlier volumes for the 4-book Kicstarter packs, so those will most likely ship out later than the book4-only orders (this was how it went with the book 3 Kickstarter, reprinting more of the older volumes was needed). But if later delivery doesn't matter then getting the 4-book bundle via the KS is just as fine!

That's all! I'll strive to post some extra pages once the KS goes live, but unless that happens this week next page will be on Monday as previously planned.


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