9 April 2019

Poor Reynir and his hopes and dreams.

So I got the driving permit thingie submitted at the driving permit place, yay! It took 6 hours! The actual visit at the permit place was only like 10 minutes, super smooth, a kind and cheerful person behind the counter who made sure all my info was correct and up to date. It was getting to there and back home that was a whole ordeal. I spent a total of 2 hours on buses, 1 hour walking and getting soaked in pouring rain (no umbrella :<), then a second hour walking through a sudden raging snow storm, and then about 2 hours waiting for the bus home, soaked and freezing. It was horrible!

But I ate a hamburger, and it was so wonderful getting back home and changing into warm dry clothes that it balanced out the lousy hours. So it was an... okay day? Also I don't feel like I got sick so that's good too. :3


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