19 April 2019

That's the last page of this chapter, a couple of info-pages upcoming next week before the chapter page!

Greetings from my laptop! I'm so happy to have this thing, it means my work isn't completely halted while I wait for my new computer to arrive, which will probably take a week or two. I've spent the whole day just downloading comic files from my cloud backup to the laptop, checking that they're fine, just in case I need to attempt extracting any missing files from the failing harddrive (I'm not touching it unless I have to, it's gotten to a point of failure that a bunch of files all over the place were either corrupted or completely gone).

I'm up to about 600 pages dowloaded and checked (that's almost 200 gb of files!) and so far I haven't run into a single missing page. The worst has been a couple pages that were missing dialogue texsts from the speech bubles for some reason, but I'll just rewrite them once I need them, so no biggie.

It'll probably take me a few more days to go through the remaining hundreds of files, but so far it seems like I've done the backups properly and all the comic stuff is safe. I just want to make sure before moving computers, I don't want to discover a year or two from now that a part of my backup is corrupted or something.

Anyway, I should be able to stream as normal from my laptop on Saturday. I'll skip the Friday comic drawing stream and focus on the file mayhem instead. See you all then!


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