18 March 2019

Alright everyone, chapter break time! The chapter cover will be up on next week's monday, and I'll set the date for the end of the break then ( still waiting for my new computer to arrive). But it hould be a ~2 week break as usual, I'm sure things will be in order by then. Also my first driving lesson is on Thursday aaa! With a driving simulator, but still, so nervous!

Oh, and if you'd like an email notification when the new chapter starts here's the signup for my (pretty infrequent) little newsletter:

I use the newsletter for:

1)Letting people know when a new chapter starts (so you don't need to worry about it during these chapter breaks)
2)When I have news about the next book Kickstarters or such
3)If something other major is coming up

And this weeks weekend livestreams will be on as normal on twitch, so Ill see you then!


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