9 May 2019

Welcome back! Thebreak is over, and we are back to regular updates again!

Ooof, I feel like it's been ages since the last post, but it's somehow only been about a week. So much going on! I've gotten pretty well set up with the new computer, i still occasionally run into situations where I notice I'm missing some program or work file and have to get things reinstalled, but I've managed to draw my needed 3 buffer pages despite the annoyance. So things are fine on that end.

And I've had my frst two driving lessons on a real car, and I passed the theory test! In fact the test and my second lesson was today, and I am exhausted! Been up since 5.30 yesterday and it's now 1 in the morning, woof. Driving's going pretty okay though, even though I feel fairly overwhelmed by just how much there is to pay attention to in traffic. But it's fine, I'll learn.

Aaaand at some point I found time to convert a cuple of the art stream recordings into shorter Youtube videos, here's the channel. Yes, all of you who were hoping for it, you got your wish. They're easy and quick to make so I'll convert more of them every now and then when there's a free chunk of time, or I'll just exchange an hour of two from my streaming time every other week or so. For now, enjoy the first two!

That's all! Glad to be back to regular work schedule again, and I will see you all tomorrow!


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