23 october 2013

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Welcome to the countdown blog, have some old vote incentives

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, I can't believe we're here! Okay, situation overview: A Redtail's Dream ended now this morning and my next webcomic "Stand Still. Stay Silent", the one that aRTD was a practice comic for, starts next Friday unless I mess up somehow. I still have to draw the prologue cover and build the actual website on top of a ton of small things, so lots of work to do these next...eight days, is it? And to fill this gap between aRTD and SSSS I'll be posting cool things here every weekday, some aRTD-related things first and then SSSS-related things! Nothing on Saturday or Sunday, but other than that every day until the comic starts.

Now for those old aRTD vote baits! This is the first half, tomorrow I'll post the second half with the silly little mini-mini comic about Puppy-Fox's 200th birthday. And to start this batch off is the first vote bait I could find in my archives that wasn't just a preview or work-in-progress picture: an celebratory extra page for reaching the 100th aRTD page. It's the only page I've colored with actual watercolors instead of digitally:

Hmm, the rest of the vote baits are in no particular order as I never dated any of them, and I can't remember what I posted when. But here's dragon-Ville who totally almost looks like Charizard:

A sketch that looks like a concept piece for Hannu's outfit in chapter 4, but I think I drew this one during the chapter so it doesn't really count as a concept sketch. And below it are a couple of other things I drew during the fourth chapter:

Next a few colored concept sketches for chapter 5. I really should have made more of these before each chapter, I was constantly forgetting how to draw Ville's particular forms correctly, ugh. -_- And below them a couple of work-in-progress images for the chapter cover:

Then some Villes in a few adorable animal forms! I think I drew the turkey-Ville last year for American thanksgiving, since it seems to be such a big holiday over there and eating turkey is the main thing I know about it. That, and.. giving thanks...about...something? Delicious turkeys, maybe.

Two more holiday-related vote bait pics, one with not-quite-adult-Ville and the other one with pumpkin-Ville and ghost-Hannu. Finnish "halloween" (pyhäinpäivä aka all saints' day) has nothing to do with pumpkins or monsters, it's just a solemn evening when you're supposed to light candles on peoples' graves, but I really wanted to draw Ville as a pumpkin. :B

And AAAWW, people really liked this one: it was the first time I drew Puppy-Ville and teenage-Hannu (and Paju.) At least I think I drew this before the first minicomic about puppy-Ville. I'm almost 67% definitely certain that I did.

Well, well, I think that's a wrap-up for today. Tomorrow you get more, and I'll have the second bunch of pages set up for proofreading too for you guys to tear into.

And change your bookmarks so that you remember to come to this new site from now on! I'll try to have the Facebook and Twitter pages ready and adjusted by tomorrow for those of you who like to follow updates that way. :3 (Oh, and tell me if something is broken with the site layout, I'm starting with a blank slate with a new server so some crucial codes could still be missing.)

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