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24 october 2013

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Second set of vote bait pictures

It's time for the second half of the vote bait pictures, let's start this off with that miniminicomic that I made to celebrate hitting 200 pages.

I think using these as vote bait pushed aRTD into the top-10 on topwebcomics for the first time ever, even if just for a couple of days, normally aRTD was hovering somewhere around place 50 at that point. Ah, it was a good couple of days.

Next three more Ville-forms, including the sabre-tooth tiger that I think is still up as the current vote bait. *Edit* Added cat-Ville too, forgot about that one.

Then sketches and work-in-progress pictures of the cover pages of chapters 6 and 7. Hannu looks so gaunt in both, heh.

Post-apocalyptic Hannu and Ville, adventurers of the wastelands! I remember that I drew this on the boat ride from Finland to Sweden when I was taking that sudden trip to go check out this place that I'm now renting.

Next we have two Tuomi-pictures! The second one wasn't a vote bait, I just made it for an aRTD ad and I posted it in one of the blog posts once, I figured I would include it here so that it isn't lost in that haystack forever. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy drawing Tuomi? Especially his hair, wavy red hair is my favourite kind to draw. (And that's why I made one of the SSSS-characters have that wonderful, red braid, hee.)

Hannu with an antler hat that I drew because people wanted to see Hannu wearing one and I was trying out drawing with Manga Studio 5 for the first time (great program!). It wasn't a vote bait, I just posted it in the blog below the comic once.

Last one! Pokemooon! It must have been the most loved vote bait because it pushed aRTD into the nr.1 slot on Topwebcomics for several days for the first and only time ever. Because... people like pokemon. So that's Hannu as a gym leader and Ville as his awesome main pokemon whose signature move is called Heartbreak. I don't remember what type I assigned the gym (normal, maybe? Or did I make up a "love"-type?) but to stay somewhat canon to the real pokemon world we can now say Ville is a fairy-type pokemon! That's the new type revealed for the X/Y games, right?

That's all the vote baits! For tomorrow I'll gather a pile of the old SSSS-concept art pieces that I've randomly been posting in different places mostly during 2012. Those of you who have only been reading the comic haven't seen them yet. And I'll make an effort to finally get that Tumblr page up for those who'd like to subscribe to updates that way!

Also: new bunch of proof-readable aRTD-pages! There's 12 of them this time, dig in and please leave a comment below the pages if you find typos or weirdness.

And I've now sent out the fourth minicomic to print drive backers, so send me an email again if you haven't gotten your yet (but check your spam folder first). I'll add the minicomic to the store for the rest of you later today. Spoiler alert: Ville finally gets his pet turtle, aaaaw.

*Edit* I totally forgot about cat-Ville! I added that one to the different Ville-forms bunch, it's after the tiger-Ville picture. :3 *Edit 2* Added Hannu with the antler hat too!

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