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20 November 2013

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The redrawn comic pages.

I promised I'd show the "before" versions of the pages that I decided to redraw before the launch, so here they are! First up, naturally, the first spread:

It's pretty much the exact same flow of events, I didn't really have to rewrite the dialogue at all and as you can see I was even able to re-use some panels. But I needed to redraw the pages because I later decided to start off each act with the large map panel, and I had started coloring things kind of differently. I simply could not have the first opening spread being the one that was sticking out like a sore thumb, nooope.

Then we've got these pages. The original right page was never actually finished, I was simply really stuck with it. I knew I wanted this kind of "special" style to it, but I had no idea exactly what kind of style I was aiming for. I think I redrew it after the ending page of the second act, which I had totally nailed. And then afterwards I went back and completely redrew most of that other page too, it was just bugging me a lot, both the colors and panel compositions.

And last but not least: the opening of act 2! By this page I had decided that I wanted to open each act with a map panel, but I had no clue what kind of style I would draw it in. So I left this page hanging unfinished until I had drawn the opening for act 3 and with a map of the new kind. And of course I had to rework the second panel too, since in order to keep it consistent I needed the map to be seamlessly combined with the second "panel". But darnit if I was going to redraw the lineart for that catamaran, I was way too happy with it to change it. So I just moved stuff around and recolored it, heh. :3

That's all for today, except here's moreaRTD pages for typo- checking. I included page 263 in the beginning there since it had fallen out of yesterday's bunch. So, see you all tomorrow with a new page!

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