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27 November 2013

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Some site and print drive stats for ARTD

I've got something different for you all today! Some people were asking for some statistics on which contries backers on the A Redtail's Dream print drive were from, and I finally took the time to compose a nice little graph out of my data. And as a bonus I did the same for the visitor statistics to the aRTD website during the last month of the comic.

Oh yeah, lots of books are going to be heading for North America in a few months, the 0,1% countries only have 1 backer from each of them. And here's a chart of the visitor statistics to the website for the final month, which didn't differ very much from the months before that (just a slight increase in overall visitors).

I would have liked it to be in "unique visitors" rather than "visits", but I use Google Analytics for my traffic tracking and couldn't find a way to get the country stats page do be displayed in unique visitors. So I went with the second best option. As you can see the percentages for the top countries correspond really well with the amount of backers in the print drive, there's really no insane over-representations going on.

One day I think I'll do something more with the visitor statistics I have from A Redtail's Dream, like a curve on the growth of the comic readerbase and such, I'm sure that would be interesting for many to see. But I'll leave that for later Until I've got some good stats on SSSS to follow up with. I only just installed Google Dnalytics like last week, so it's not like I'm drowning in data yet.

But it does look like we're already at about 70% of the readership size of what aRTD was at its peak, so I'm very happy about that. I read once way back that one should expect to keep maybe half of the readerbase when ending one webcomic and launching a second one that isn't as sequel, and less if there's a notable change in genre and/or art or writing style. So I was hoping to keep almost half of the readership size, as SSSS does differ from aRTD in many aspects, so obviously I'm very pleased with getting ~70%. You guys are the best! I should be able to get back up to the peak numbers of aRTD with a few months of intense promotion, which I think I'll start once the prologue is almost over. And of course wait 'til the holiday season is over, ad rates get way too high in December and a lot of people are too stressed out to get into new webcomics anyway. :P

That's today's journal entry, some stats and stuff. And of course some more aRTD pages to be typo-checked I left out the swan fight pages as there was not a single speech bubble in that whole section. We're almost at the end, guys! Soon all I have left to do for the book is the rest of the back- and front-of-book content, yaaay!

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