General info stuff

Had to get rid of that blog post about the aRTD book being for sale now that the store is closed for a while again, so here's a general status blog post. Those of you who missed the book-buying window: I'll open it again in summer when I'm spending time in Finland again. I'm not sure of an exact date, it'll depend a bit on family stuff and such, but probably during June already. And I think I'll keep it open a bit longer next time so it'll be harder to miss.

Okay, that's that, and every blog post needs a picture so here's this little character portrait set that many of you might remember. I finally took the time to finish up everyone!

Oh, oh, and I'm pretty much considering my work on the aRTD book to now be over so I'm gearing up for that final thing I promised would eventually happen: after chapter 2 starts I plan on updating SSSS 5 times a week! And if you don't think I can draw 5 pages a week let me tell you that it's what I've been able to do when I haven't had to redirect my time to the book stuff. After the initial month-long book shipping ordeal in February-March my page buffer had fallen down to 7 pages; in the following month+ I got it up to 13 pages because I managed to draw 5 pages each week but only posted 4. Ha!

I'm going to build a little bit of a buffer before I start with that. After these two weeks of book-shipping it fell back down to 8 pages, now up to 9 after this first week at home. 15 pages is the number I'm aiming for right now, so I'll try to get it up there in time for chapter 2 to start. Let's see if I can do that!


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