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19 September 2014

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Pre-print drive update

Hey everyone! Just gonna post a quick pre-print drive update here. I have a whole lot of work to get back to so I won't waste too much time writing stuff, but just a few info pieces that many of you have asked about.

So first of all, I'm aiming to launch the print drive on Sunday (probably evening) and start chapter 4 on Monday instead of Tuesday. Only a couple of days, guys! Sadly I won't get my page buffer up to that long coveted 15 pages after all because I've really been struggling with some of the pages, but sometimes you just have to admit defeat and move on.

Second: the book will include chapters 1-4 instead of only 1-3, and be about 270 pages instead of 200 as I've said before. It'll better this way in the long run, otherwise book 2 would probably end up being way thicker than book 1 and it'll be cooler if the books are at least kinda similar in size in the final set.

Last thing: I won't add a reward level that includes the A redtail's Dream book, but I will open the aRTD book store during the last couple of weeks of the print drive. The reason that I decided against an aRTD tier is simply that I'd need to do the shipping address collecting twice for those people, once now for the aRTD book and again next year for the SSSS book. I don't want to complicate matters too much. But yeah, the aRTD book store will open up pretty soon too!

That's it for today! I'll post again on Sunday if I get the print drive up. I'll leave you guys with this drawing of Lalli and Emil that I found in my files.

Heh, sometimes I forget about these half-finished things I started this one a few months ago and laid it aside for later. Now I think it looks kinda fun in this rough painterly stage, so I'm just going to call it done. :3


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