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10 August 2015

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FAQ about the first SSSS book.

Durrrp, I was going to take a bunch of nice photos of the book and post a little showcase for today, but instead I learned that I need to pay attention to the little flashing thing in the corner of my camera screen that says "memory card missing!". Oh well, here's one proper pic I took (don't want to delay today's page too much because of my silliness), and answers to some questions many of you have asked me, especially those who missed the Indiegogo campaign.

When can people who missed the Indiegogo campaign buy a copy? I'll send out all the backer copies first, which'll probably take a couple months. Then I'll sell the leftover books: about 700 extra copies (there's a bit over 1700 backer books). They'll most probably be available through the Hivemill store when it's time.

What if those 700 extras become sold out? Can I reserve one now? If/when they sell out I will order a second print run of the books, no worries there. In fact selling those 700 extras is how I'd be able to afford to pay for a in the first place, so it'll all work out! (But no, reservations won't be possible, too hard for me to organize.)

What about the e-book version? I keep forgetting to put that one together, augh! But yes, it's coming. Soon. ...ish.

What about the "A Redtail's Dream" book, do you have any of those left?I have about 50 copies, many of them are the slightly damaged ones that I've pulled aside for that reason. I'll sell them eventually once I have a good amount of time left over for stuff. Maybe later this year, maybe early next year.

That's the most asked questions these last few months, if you're wondering about anything else feel free to ask, I'll answer during my little drawing breaks. Today's page will go up in about 4-5 hours or so, I'm still coloring it. See you then.:3


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