12 Nov. 2013

Look at Aksel, he is taller than eeeverybody! Hmm, I was almost going to write "tomorrow is the last page of this act", but then I remembered it's Wednesday again. So Thursday is the last page of this act, and then we start with the second one. Eeee, I'm excited for that! :3

I was trying to post this page a couple of hours ago, but I wasn't able to connect to my server to upload it. For me that's simply the WORST thing to wake up to; to find out that there's something wrong with the site and I can't fix myself. ;_; But luckily my webhost has really fast customer service (and they're in Finland so their business hours aren't during my sleepy-time x3) so they helped me out already and I was able to update before noon after all.

By the way, I was planning on making a blog post tomorrow to show you guys the original versions of the pages that I've redrawn before launching, including half of this page. But the final page that I did some redrawing on (and want to show) is the first page of the second prologue act, and obviously I can't be posting that before it's up here as it should. I'll save the journal post for next week's Wednesday instead, so nothing tomorrow.

And today's A Redtail's Dream pages! You guys are doing a great job hunting errors, thank you all. :3


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