11 Nov. 2013

Just got back from my early-morning visit to the dentist, got my braces fixed. Luckily it was a quick thing, and the person before me didn't show up and I was early (as always) so they were done with me before my appointment was even supposed to begin. But blaaargh, dentist visits sure cost s lot, over 500 SEK (about 80 USD) for a ten minute session. Boy am I happy I didn't have to stay for a whole hour or something! :I

Awww, there's only two pages left of this first prologue act. Be back tomorrow for the next page! :3 And heh, it was kind of weird not updating on the weekend anymore, but good weird. I got sooo much work done on the aRTD book, I'm almost done formatting all the comic pages! Soon I can move on to putting together the back-of-book content. And here's more A Redtail's Dream pages for you guys to chew on and look for typos, it's the beginning of chapter 4.


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