28 April. 2014

Latest update everrr! It was no biggie, as I wrote in my quick morning announcement the speech bubbles disappeared somewhere and I didn't have time to redraw them before I had to leave for work. Now 11 hours later I'm finally back (so tired!) and was able to fix it and post this update, yay!

Oh no, it's page 100 and I'm not able to make a proper milestone celebration thingie while I'm here! Such bad timing. But...at least Emil is looking very pretty on this page. Sparkles and all.

Final reminder that today is the last day the store for the aRTD books is open. *Points down* But fear not, if you wasn't able to buy one now, because I'll reopen the store sometime in summer. By the end of tomorrow I will have shipped out a bit over 350 books in total for this round, so I'll still have almost 300 books left to sell for the rest of the year.



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