25 April. 2014

*ANNOUNCEMENT! (Monday 28.4) Afternoon update today!* Hey everyone, I'll post today's update in the afternoon(Eastern European time) rather than in the morning, so come back in a few hours mmm'kay! Reason: the speech bubbles on the page vanished somewhere, and my ride (aka my mom ~<3) to my storage unit leaves in like half an hour so no time for fixing that until I'm back from work! I'll pack books for the next ~8+ hours, then I'll fix the page and post it. Sorry everyone! ;_;

Oh-ho-ho, they used to be wealthy, these people! What happened there, I wonder? That's another backstory for another time. (Heh, the spellchecker in Photoshop keeps wanting to change "Emil" to "evil".)

Today about 250 "A Redtail's Dream" books will be sent out on their mail adventures around the world! They're packed and stamped, ready for the post office to come pick them up. I've got another ~80 books left for next week's pick-up, mostly books that I still need to draw a little something in. I'll take care of that over the weekend.

And reminder that Monday is the last day the store will be open, so if you were eyeing one of the books but were putting off actually buying one this weekend is the perfect time to do so. (Next time I open the store will probably be sometime in summer, so not for a while. :3)

See you all on Monday!



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