3 June. 2014

Hooray, got the cover drawn in a little over a day! Finished it literally ten minutes ago, and I'm only updating a couple hours later than usual *high fives everyone*.

This chapter is going to be really short, it's only a bit over 20 pages according to my script. We're just making a short stop at "headquarters" aka Siv and Torbjörn's home before we head out into the dangerrrr zone. And yes, the chapter break is only one week this time. Because frankly I'm really impatiently excited to get to chapter, 3 which is where some real excitement starts to trickle into our story, and so I'm just going to torture my poor page buffer for a little while still and replenish it during future chapter breaks instead. That's the game plan for now, hopefully it doesn't bite me in the butt down the road. :P

And during this break I'm going to add links to all the info pages in the About section, like many of you have requested. If they're not there next week feel free to poke me in the eye and remind me, my memory is a bit fleeting sometimes.

Oh, and I'm way behind on answering emails again! I'm going to try getting up the nerve to go through my inbox today and answer as many as I can. Just an fyi to anyone whose sent something in the last week or two...

That's all I needed to write about, I think, so be back in a week guys. :3



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